How Does This Class Work?


MERG courses follow a tried and true method of distance learning using the MOODLE learning management system.  Think of  your MERG course like you would a professional continuing education seminar which meets weekly. What would you expect if this was live: Lecture? Discussion? Reading? Homework? Quizzes? Exams? Camaraderie?

MERG courses have almost the same structure.  The difference is that MERG courses are not held in real time. Instead, the classroom interaction takes place on the web over a period of time, usually six to nine weeks.

Here is a quick snapshot of what to expect:

  1. Be sure to complete the introductory exercises noted in your confirmation letter.   When you login to Moodle, click the link for DLC Introduction to Moodle.
  2. If you have used Moodle (or similar system) before,  you can skip these exercises. If you’re new to the platform, allow an hour or two to orient yourself. It is important that you are able to post forum messages inside Moodle, access homework, and take a short practice quiz.  These skills are covered in the DLC Introduction to Moodle course with opportunities to practice. You should feel free to have a friend help you with this part.
  3. Classrooms are locked until the first day of class. Patience is a virtue!  When open, your course will appear on your Moodle home page.
  4. On the first day of class, you can login anytime you wish. MERG classes do not meet live. There is no set time when you must be logged in. However, you must keep up with your course on a weekly basis.
  5. Allow about three hours weekly to keep up with the course. This includes reading, homework, online discussion, and quizzes/exams. Some students work faster, others take longer. We don’t mind either way.
  6. Some courses have short E-lectures which are easy to read and easy to print out. They serve as introductions to the units. Not all faculty use E-lectures, so don’t worry if you don’t see any posted.
  7. All faculty will have a schedule posted for you, including reading assignments, due dates for discussion participation, homework, and testing.
  8. Reading is either out of a textbook, online, or both.
  9. Discussion is always online, but remember, this is not a live discussion. Think of it more like a bulletin board.
  10. Homework is always submitted online.
  11. Testing is always online.  You will receive your results immediately after submitting your test.
  12. Assignments are official only when posted inside Moodle.
  13. Please, please, do not complete long assignments while you are logged in. To save yourself the frustration of losing your Internet connection in the middle of a long assignment, please prepare your work in Word or another text processor, then copy and paste your homework into your classroom submission. Thanks!

Your instructor will grade your work  usually no later than Wednesday of each week. Grades will appear in the grade book automatically.

MERG courses are instructor led and highly interactive. Your success in the course is dependent on your active and timely discussion participation and completion of all homework. While you may login anytime during the week to do your work, your instructor will post due dates and deadlines.

So, how do you earn your Certificate of Completion?  This one is easy. Do the work and pass the quizzes and final exam! MERG courses are entry level courses. The material is neither rocket science nor brain surgery, but successful completion will require that you complete the reading, homework, discussion, and exam on time and that you do so thoughtfully and completely.  You must complete all weekly activities and discussion questions, plus pass all quizzes and final exam with a minimum of 70%.

In the case of work or family emergencies, your instructor may accept work up to 7 days late. After 7 days, your work will not be accepted and a zero will be assigned. This means that you cannot earn your Certificate of Completion.

If you fall two weeks behind, for whatever reason, you may drop the class or restart. The restart tuition is 50% of the original cost of your course. Check with Cynthia Briles at for registration and course schedules if you need to restart.

The certificate is in a pdf electronic format.  Upon successful completion of all course requirements, and passing the final, you will be able to generate your certificate from inside your course.

Study hard, keep up each week, get to know your classmates, and you’ll enjoy the course. Thanks for joining us!

Cyn Briles
Course Facilitator
Phone: 313-300-1232